Dining at Alexander’s Pub

Meet your family or join friends for lunch or dinner in our casual pub, Alexander’s, located on the grounds of the Yardley Country Club.

Members can relax after a round of golf but diners don’t need to be a member of the country club to enjoy a meal or a drink after a long workday or an evening out with friends. The menu at Alexander’s Pub features appetizers, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, full entrees, and daily specials featured in-season.

Alexander’s In Season Hours

Monday – Closed

Tuesday   11am – 8pm* Kitchen & Pub

Wednesday   11am – 8pm* Kitchen       11am-9pm Pub

Thursday  11am  – 8pm* Kitchen           11am-9pm Pub

Friday  11am – 9pm* Kitchen & Pub

Saturday 11am – 7pm* Kitchen & Pub

Sunday  11am – 7pm* Kitchen & Pub

 *Time may vary based on season. Please call 215-493-4531 ext. 109 during the off season to confirm hours.