Yardley Country Club's History

Ours is a story of our community and it began in the late roaring 1920’s when local prominent businessman, Edward Rembe, while horseback riding on the Harper Farm, thought the land would be ideal for golf holes. He broached his idea with others each of whom were equally enthusiastic and Yardley Country Club was soon incorporated.

The group approached acclaimed Scottish brothers Alexander and Frederick Findlay to design the course routing. Alexander is known as “The Father of American Golf” for his contributions to golf design. The Findlay’s worked instinctively by feel, moving as little earth as possible, claiming that the land was the drawing board. Yardley Country Club formally opened for play on April 29, 1929.

The highlight of the 1930 season at Yardley Country Club was an exhibition match pitting Gene Sarazen and Johnny Farrell (1928 U.S. Open champion) against Yardley’s head professional, Al Nelson, and his assistant (and brother-in-law) Marcus Greer (three-time club champion at Cobbs Creek and runner-up to Woody Platt in the 1922 Philadelphia Amateur). Local knowledge did not help the home team. A warmup nine-hole match—better ball of partners—saw Farrell and Sarazen, who himself fired four birdies and unleashed a 350-yard drive on the 8th, win every hole but the 6th. After lunch, with the stars each shooting 73 and teaming for a better ball of four-under-par 68, the host pair was again outclassed. Still, the gallery of some 400, including New Jersey’s Governor Morgan F. Larson, had witnessed plenty of sparkling shotmaking. And the young club, by staging the exhibition and earning the attendant publicity, had put itself prominently on the golfing map.

However, Sarazan and Farrell were not the only legends that walked the fairways of Yardley, Swingin Sammy Snead came to Bucks County in the spring of 1939 as have many other top amateurs and professionals. The 1940’s and 50’s saw Yardley begin to assert itself as a power in team match play including undefeated teams in 1947 and 1949. Finally, in 1989, Yardley won the first of its now five famed Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) Team Matches.

Ours is a true golfers club, and we owe our success and endurance to wise stewardship throughout generations of leadership. For over 80 years the club has stood the test of time, surviving the Great Depression in initial years of the 1930′s, a fire that claimed our “old farmhouse” as well as the lean years of the golf industry. Yardley has served as a cornerstone of our community throughout it all, providing our members the relaxed recreational and social camaraderie they have needed in their lives. Ours is a Club where you can go and everyone truly does know your name.

Nestled in historic Yardley Borough, Yardley Country Club would be considered today one of the true Gems of Bucks County. We offer a beautiful private golf course with an active social and tournament calendar as well as a full-service banquet facility and public restaurant. Both of which offer the finest cuisine and impeccable service in an atmosphere of natural beauty and casual elegance.